Just Bridges Ventures

The mission of Just Bridges is to improve families’ generational wealth and to increase children’s literacy skills by providing K-12 resources on college readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship.

College Readiness– because we increase our professional opportunities when we acquire specific post-secondary education, training, and credentials.

Financial Literacy– because we can increase our impact and quality of life with the right skills, resources, and money mindset.

Entrepreneurship– because with the right mindset and technical skills, we can create our own opportunities and find creative solutions to difficult problems.

What does Just Bridges do?
Just Bridges provides K-12 resources about financial literacy, college readiness, and entrepreneurship. Resources include:

  • Independently published coloring books, activity books, and writing prompt journals
  • Customized curriculum for homeschoolers
  • Supplementary activities & lessons for educators, community-based organizations, and schools
  • Tutoring (elementary English Language Arts)