Personal Finance For Kids.

Improving children’s literacy skills and families’ generational wealth with K-12 resources on college readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship.

What does Just Bridges do?
Just Bridges provides K-12 resources for children & families. Click on the links below for subject-specific resources for each grade level, including downloadable lessons and activities.

  • Customized curriculum for homeschoolers
  • Supplementary activities & lessons for educators, community-based organizations, and schools
  • Independently published coloring books, activity books, and writing prompt journals
  • Tutoring (Elementary English Language Arts)

Identity development impacts literacy.

How we feel about who we are impacts what we learn, what we believe we can learn, and who we learn from.

Research shows that between the ages of 2-4, young children can start internalizing racial bias. As parents, mentors, and educators, we can work to eliminate prejudice and racial bias by exploring our own identity development journey.