5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start A Blog To Make Money  

When I started my first blog back in 2014, I wasn’t the least bit concerned about making money from it.

It was the perfect hobby and completely stress-free.

I published two posts the entire year.

Knowing what I know now about blogging, I wish I had treated it like a business sooner, despite everything I’ve learned about myself and the world since I first started blogging.

If you’re interested in creating passive income, participating in the gig economy, or just in search of greater part-time income—blogging isn’t the answer. 

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10 Decisions You Should Make Before You Create Your Own Tutoring Business

If you’re hoping to earn extra income on the side, whether to supplement your existing salary or to completely replace your full-time earnings, creating a tutoring business may be appealing.

On the surface, it seems incredibly easy to start!

You make a flyer.

Post it.


If you build it, they will come.

If you’re thinking of turning your part-time passion project into a full-fledged entrepreneurial endeavor, make these 10 decisions first.

ONE: Will you require prospective students to attend an introductory consultation before any sessions start?

Will it be free, and what will you go over?  

As uncomfortable as it may be, you need to decide whether you’ll take on anyone who wants to work with you, or whether you’ll screen prospective students based on your pre-determined criteria.

Which students will most benefit from your skill-set and current level of expertise?

If you encounter a family with unrealistic expectations, will you still take them on as students?

Or will you let them know, upfront, that it won’t be a good fit?

I’ve tutored off-and-on, on a part-time basis for almost 20 years.

I’ve worked mostly for schools, small companies, friends and family, and Wyzant, but very rarely have I sought out students completely on my own.

When I’ve worked for companies, I haven’t always been able to meet the families first.

Learn their goals, expectations, and prior experiences. Develop common ground and build rapport. 

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5 Essential Money Management Tips for Small Business Owners

Today’s expertise comes from Connecticut’s own Arciuolo’s Shoes.

When you start your own small business, there are a million different worries that always seem to be at the forefront of your mind. Staffing, building a consumer base, and establishing a brand are all essential elements to creating an effective business, but there’s one element that towers above the rest: money management.

Whether you’re an emerging entrepreneur or a longtime small business owner, properly managing your finances is arguably the most important factor in determining how successful you will  be.

Poor money management can capsize even the most established organizations. As a small business owner, I’ve spent years building my company and learning from my financial successes and, perhaps more importantly, my failures. 

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