An Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Blogging For Money, Not For Fun

Our blogs can become profitable if we successfully execute 5 steps.

In the last post, I outlined 5 essential factors for creating a profitable blog. I started from the very beginning to provide recommendations for absolute blogging beginners—like I was just a few short years ago.

First, create a solid, self-hosted, problem-solving blog with consistent, quality content in a profitable niche that solves your readers’ pain points.

Second, be intentional about learning how to generate income.

Treat your blog like a business. This may include purchasing courses, completing hours of research, learning the ways most successful bloggers make money, etc.

In general, you’ll be more successful in a shorter amount of time if you treat your blog like an actual business—which it is. Determine when, where, and how you’ll secure the knowledge or team members to meet your goals most efficiently and effectively.

How much time and how much money can you afford to invest?

Third, master search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research, marketing, and advertising.

Fourth, build a consistent, engaged follower base through networking, social media interaction, guest posting, regularly adding value, etc.

Fifth, convert your follower base into paid customers by consistently solving your readers’ “pain points” or most pressing issues and concerns (or by generating so many pageviews that your advertising supports you).

Here’s an excellent post about how bloggers make money.

In the last post, we talked exclusively about point number one.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Blogging For Fun, Not For Money

I started blogging a little less than four years ago because I needed an outlet that would let me write and share what I had written with other people. I’d been writing poetry, essays, and short stories since I was a little girl, and I needed to feel like myself again.

Because I just wanted to write, I wasn’t the least bit concerned about marketing, advertising, followers + readers + subscribers, or even… gasp… making money.

Oh, the innocence of youth!

For those who can master SEO and affiliate marketing, there’s no doubt that blogging can be ridiculously profitable, if that’s your aim.

If you’d like to make money blogging, you’ll need to learn, do, and master these things:

  1. Know your purpose, intention (mission), and long-term blogging goals
  2. Create a self-hosted blog
  3. Choose a profitable niche
  4. Create your unique brand
  5. Learn how to create quality content, consistently
  6. Create a schedule for writing and a schedule for learning about blogging
  7. Develop a writing schedule that works– so you can write and research more efficiently
  8. Master SEO and keyword research
  9. Become part of an online community: network and build your follower base
  10. Decide when, where, and how to get help throughout your blogging journey
  11. Learn useful time-management strategies
  12. Create your budget for blogging
  13. Develop an effective social media strategy
  14. Make S.M.A.R.T. blogging goals
  15. Identify time-saving social media management tools
  16. Understand the ways bloggers make money (and replicate them for yourself)
  17. Create Ebooks and self-publish
  18. Create a podcast and/or make videos
  19. Learn the legal stuff you may need to worry about
  20. Decide what tasks you’ll assign yourself as homework daily, weekly, and monthly
  21. Know what decisions you’ll need to make as a brand new blogger

Blogging is great because it enables you….

  1. To create your own brand.
  2. To support and be supported by a unique online community of writers and artists.
  3. To learn and perfect highly marketable skills.
  4. To clarify your personal and professional goals and challenge yourself to always learn something new.
  5. To become intentional about creating passive income, and perhaps become an entrepreneur.

But these aren’t things that I knew—or even things that I cared about—before I started blogging.

If money’s not your goal, there are still plenty of reasons to blog.

If you’d like to start a blog for fun (not for money), but you’re not sure exactly how to get started, here’s what you should know, first.

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