An Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Blogging For Money, Not For Fun

Our blogs can become profitable if we successfully execute 5 steps.

In the last post, I outlined 5 essential factors for creating a profitable blog. I started from the very beginning to provide recommendations for absolute blogging beginners—like I was just a few short years ago.

First, create a solid, self-hosted, problem-solving blog with consistent, quality content in a profitable niche that solves your readers’ pain points.

Second, be intentional about learning how to generate income.

Treat your blog like a business. This may include purchasing courses, completing hours of research, learning the ways most successful bloggers make money, etc.

In general, you’ll be more successful in a shorter amount of time if you treat your blog like an actual business—which it is. Determine when, where, and how you’ll secure the knowledge or team members to meet your goals most efficiently and effectively.

How much time and how much money can you afford to invest?

Third, master search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research, marketing, and advertising.

Fourth, build a consistent, engaged follower base through networking, social media interaction, guest posting, regularly adding value, etc.

Fifth, convert your follower base into paid customers by consistently solving your readers’ “pain points” or most pressing issues and concerns (or by generating so many pageviews that your advertising supports you).

Here’s an excellent post about how bloggers make money.

In the last post, we talked exclusively about point number one.

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start A Blog To Make Money  

When I started my first blog back in 2014, I wasn’t the least bit concerned about making money from it.

It was the perfect hobby and completely stress-free.

I published two posts the entire year.

Knowing what I know now about blogging, I wish I had treated it like a business sooner, despite everything I’ve learned about myself and the world since I first started blogging.

If you’re interested in creating passive income, participating in the gig economy, or just in search of greater part-time income—blogging isn’t the answer. 

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