Guest Posting Guidelines

Would you like to guest post about saving money, making money, or becoming a small business owner?

Feel free to contact me.  

  • How did you discover this blog?
  • What post or topic sparked your interest in guest posting?
  • Are you currently a blogger as well? If so, please share your site.
  • What topic/issue do you have in mind?

Review & Follow the Guest Post Criteria

The ideal post is 1100 – 1300 words with a minimum of 800 words.  A quality post provides a unique perspective on a topic previously discussed on the blog, or presents a new topic or perspective that appeals to the target audience.

Please include a 2-3 sentence author bio with your article, and any links to your relevant social media handles and website.

All submitted material should be original content never before published. If your article is accepted, you should then post the first 100 words on your site with a read more link to the full length article posted here. If your article is determined not to be a good fit for this blog, you are free to post it anywhere you’d like as it is your intellectual property.

If images are included in your post, please provide links to their source.  All images must be copyright free.

Alternatively, feel free to connect if you’d like me to guest post on your personal finance blog.